A list of famous super heroes and their alter-egos

Superhero Alter-egos

Super hero real names or secret identities

Superheroes are fictional characters often created for comics or television where they usually fight crime or save the planet by using their specific super-human abilities. Each superhero can usually be distinguished from one another by a suitably descriptive name, their costume, and super-human powers. Often each super hero has a background story involving a secret identity which is usually the real name of the person in the costume and the superhero personality is their alter-ego.

The following table lists a number of famous superheroes along with their secret identity or real name and also a brief description of the super power associated with them.

Superhero Real Name /
Alter-ego /
Secret identity
super Power
BananamanEric Twingebanana eating turns school boy into superhero
BatmanBruce Waynemartial arts, gadgets
Captain AmericaSteve Rogersstrength - super soldier serum
The CometJohn Dickeringjumping, eye beams
Dan DareColonel Daniel
MacGregor Dare
good pilot
DaredevilMatt Murdockmartial arts, sonar
The FlashJay Garrick, or
Barry Allen, or
Wally West
super-human speed
Green ArrowOliver Queenarchery
The Green HornetBritt Reidcrime fighting
Green LanternAlan Scott,
or Hal Jordan, or
Kyle Rayner
power ring, force field
He-manPrince Adamstrength, he-man has a pet cat named cringer who becomes battlecat
The HulkRobert Bruce BannerStrength, aggression
Judge DreddJoe Dreddcombat skills, gadgets
The PhantomKit Walker, or
Sir Christopher Standish
no supernatural powers
PlasticmanEd O'Brianstretch shape
Radioactive ManClaude Kane IIIsuperman-esque
The ShadowLamont Cranston, or
Kent Allard
master of disguise, shooting ability
SpawnAl Simmonsarmour, teleportation, project bolts of green hellfire
SpidermanPeter Parkerweb making, enhanced senses
Super GirlLinda Lee Danversstrength, flight
SupermanClark KentStrength, laser eyes, enhanced senses
ThermomanGeorge Sundaystrength, flight
Wonder WomanDiana Princebullet-proof bracelets, magic lasso

Super Hero Groups

Some superheroes worked in groups, the following lists characters from a couple of famous comic book super groups.

Superhero Real Name /
Alter-ego /
Secret identity
super Power
Fantastic Four
The Human TorchJohnny StormControls fire
Invisible Girl / WomanSusan StormInvisibility, force fields
Mister FantasticReed RichardsPlasticity
The ThingBen GrimmStrength
BeastHank McCoyStrength
ColossusPiotr Rasputinbody of steel
CyclopsScott SummersLaser eyes
IcemanBobby DrakeFreezing water
Marvel GirlJean Greytelekinesis
StormOroro Munroecontrol weather
WolverineJames Howlettadamantium claws

For far more extensive information about each super hero listed above and many more too numerous to mention visit internationalhero.co.uk - A great database of superhero facts.

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