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Fictional Places

A list of fictional towns and cities featured in a variety of television programs, films and novels.

Fictional Place As featured in...
AmbridgeThe Archers
Arlen, TexasKing of the Hill
Bedford FallsIt's a Wonderful Life
BedrockThe Flintstones
BrockwayThe Simpsons - fellow mono-rail purchasing town
Canley, London BoroughThe Bill
Castle Rock, MaineStephen King novels
DibleyThe Vicar of Dibley
Gotham CityBatman
Greenbow, Alabama Forrest Gump
Herby CityLittle Britain - Lou & Andy's home town
Hill Valley, CaliforniaBack to the Future
Lanford, IllinoisRoseanne
New New YorkFuturama
NodnolRed Dwarf - backwards universe
North Haverbrook The Simpsons - fellow mono-rail purchasing town
OgdenvilleThe Simpsons - fellow mono-rail purchasing town
Royston VaseyThe League of Gentlemen
Rutherford, Ohio Third Rock from the Sun
Shelbyville, USAThe Simpsons - neighbouring town
SneddyLittle Britain - capital of Britain
South Park, ColoradoSouth Park
Springfield, USAThe Simpsons - home town
Summer BayHome & Away
Sunnydale, CaliforniaBuffy the Vampire Slayer
Walford, London BoroughEastenders
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