A list of "Carry On" films

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List of Carry On Films

The carry on films were a series of British comedies which were very popular during the 60s, 70s and 80s. Each film usually had a different setting, which were alluded to in the titles of the films. However the general format of each movie remained the same throughout the series, with similar jokes and innuendoes giving the films a unique "carry on" style. Also contributing to that style were the core of regular actors who usually played the main characters. Each actor would play a very similar role in each film.

Carryon Film Year
Carry On Sergeant1958black and white
Carry On Nurse1959b&w
Carry On Teacher1959b&w
Carry On Constable1959b&w
Carry On Regardless1961b&w
Carry On Cruising1962first colour carry on film
Carry On Cabby1963b&w
Carry On Jack1963colour
Carry On Spying1964b&w
Carry On Cleo1964colour, and so were all subsequent films
Carry On Cowboy1965 
Carry On Screaming!1966 
Carry On Don't Lose your Head1966Originally released without "carry on" in the title
Carry On Follow that Camel1967same as above, "carry on" was added later to both films
Carry On Doctor1967 
Carry On up the Khyber1968 
Carry On Camping 1969 
Carry On Again Doctor 1969 
Carry On up the Jungle 1970 
Carry On Loving 1970 
Carry On Henry 1971 
Carry On at your Convenience 1971 
Carry On Matron 1972 
Carry On Abroad 1972 
Carry On Girls 1973 
Carry On Dick 1974 
Carry On Behind 1975 
Carry On England 1976 
That's Carry On 1978Clips show
Carry On Emmannuelle 1978Last of the series
Carry On Columbus 1992Attempted revival of the film series

List of Carry On Film Actors

The core team of carry on actors

Bernard Bresslaw
Peter Butterworth
Kenneth Connor
Jim Dale
Jack Douglas
Charles Hawtrey
Frankie Howerd
Hattie Jacques
Sid James
Leslie Phillips
Terry Scott
Joan Sims
Kenneth Williams
Barbara Windsor

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