A free online molecular biology calculator to help calculate the concentration of a nucleic acid solution (either DNA, RNA or oligonucleotides) from the optical density absorbance value measured by a spectrophotometer (using a wavelength of 260nm).

Instructions for DNA Quantification

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The Javascript behind this DNA calculator was originally written by Santiago Navarro and was to be found on the following url: http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Lab/9965. I used this calculator often but during the summer of 2004, the page disappeared from geocities. I managed to save a copy from Google cache before it completely vanished and I've been using it for a while as a local file. Since then I have been meaning to place it back online but I've only now got around to it (Jan 2005!). I hope other people find this updated DNA concentration calculator useful. Any comments?

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