What do the clothing care labels mean?

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Washing Care Symbols

A list of care symbols found on the labels of all clothes, each set of symbols on the label gives detailed instructions on how the garment should be washed while doing the laundry. Of course these symbols are only a guide and in most circumstances are universally ignored :-)

Wash30Wash at 30C
Wash40Wash at 40C
Wash50Wash at 50C
Wash60Wash at 60C
Wash95Wash at 95C
Wash maxCotton Wash
Wash medSynthetic Wash
Wash lowWool Wash
Hand WashHand wash only
No WashDo not wash
Chlorine BleachAble to be chlorine bleached
Don't BleachDo not bleach
Dry lowMay be tumble dried
Dry medTumble dry - low heat
Dry highTumble dry - high heat
No TumbleDo not tumble dry
Drip dryDrip dry
Line DryHang dry / line dry
Dry FlatDry Flat
Iron LowIron - low heat
Iron MedIron - medium heat
Iron HighIron - high heat
No IronDo not iron
Dry Cleaning
Dry CleanDry clean - any solvent
No Dry CleanDo not dry clean
Dry Clean PetroleumDry clean - petroleum solvents - R113
Dry Clean petroleum delicateDry clean - petroleum solvents - delicate settings
Dry clean certain solventsDry clean - Perchloroethylene, solvents
R113, R11, & petroleum solvents
Dry clean certain solvents - delicateDry clean - Perchloroethylene, solvents
R113, R11, & petroleum solvents - delicate setting
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