Longest road and rail tunnels

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Longest Tunnels

The longest road and rail tunnels in the world

Longest Railway Tunnels

Rank Tunnel Name Location Length
1Gotthard BaseSwitzerland57 072 m2010
2Sei-kan (under sea)Japan53 850 m13.03.1988
3Chunnel (Eurotunnel)
England - France50 450 m1994
4LotschbergSwitzerland34 577 m2007
5GuadarramaSpain28 377 m2007
6Hakkoda Japan26 455 m2013
7Iwate-ichinohe Japan25 810 m01.12.2002
8IyamaJapan22 225 m2013
9Dai-shimizuJapan22 221 m15.11.1982
10Simplon-IIItaly - Switzerland19 824 m16.10.1922

Longest Road Tunnels

Rank Tunnel Name Location Length
1LaerdalNorway24 510 m27.11.2000
2Zhongnanshan (2 tubes)China18 040 m2009
3St. Gotthard / San GottardoSwitzerland16 918 m05.09.1980
4ArlbergAustria13 972 m01.12.1978
(twin tunnel + service)
China (Taiwan)12 900 m12.2005
6FrejusFrance - Italy12 895 m12.07.1980
7Mont-Blanc / Monte BiancoFrance - Italy 11 611 m19.07.1965
8GudvangaNorway11 428 m17.12.1991
9FolgefonnNorway11 150 m15.06.2001
10Kan-etsu (south bound tube)Japan11 055 m1991
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