Times of war through history

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Significant periods of warfare through history

War Duration Protagonists Notable Battles
Iraq2003Iraq vs USA, UK 
Afghanistan2001-03Afghanistan vs USA, UKKandahar
(2nd) Persian Gulf1991Iraq vs UNDesert Storm
Falklands1982Argentina, vs UKGoose Green, Port Stanley
First Persian Gulf War1980-88Iran vs Iraq 
Afghanistan1979-89Soviet Union vs Afghanistan 
Vietnam1961-75North Vietnam, USSR, China vs South Vietnam, USA, Australia, New ZealandTet Offensive
Korean1950-53North Korea, Soviet Union vs South Korea, USA, UNInchon
WWII1939-45Germany, Austria, Italy, Japan vs most of the worldDunkirk, Battle of Britain, Pearl Harbour, Stalingrad, Midway
Spanish Civil War1936-39Nationalists vs Republicans 
Russian Revolution1917-21Tsarists vs RevolutionistsOctober revolution
WWI1914-18Germany, Austria, Italy vs France, Russia, Britain, Serbia etcAmiens
Philippine1899-1913USA vs Philippines 
Boer1880-81, 1899-1902British vs S.African Dutch settlersMajuba Hill, Relief of Mafeking
US Civil War1861-65Unionists vs ConfederatesGettysburg
Crimean1853-56UK, France, & Ottoman empire vs RussiaBalaclava (charge of the light brigade)
1812 War1812-14Britain vs USA 
Napoleonic1800-15France vs Most of EuropeWaterloo, Trafalgar
French Rev1789-99Republicans vs MonarchyStorming of Bastille
American Rev1775-83Britain vs USABunker Hill
7 years war1755-63Britain, Prussia & Hanover vs France, Austria, Russia & SwedenPlassey
English Civil War1642-49Royalists vs Parliamentarians 
English Spanish Wars1588England vs SpainSpanish Armada
Wars of the Roses1455-87England: House of Lancaster & YorkBosworth
100 years war1337-1453England vs FranceAgincourt
Norman Conquest1066England vs FranceHastings

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