The past Monarchs of England

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The British Monarchy

A list detailing the past Kings and Queens of England through history in chronological order. Each Monarch is grouped into their respective royal house, and the reign of each head of state is also listed.

Reign Monarch
(Kings and Queens)
House Of Windsor
1952-PresentElizabeth II
1936-1952George VI
1936Edward VIII (abdicated)
1910-1936George V
House Of Saxe-Coburg
1901-1910Edward VII
House Of Hanover
1830-1837William IV
1820-1830George IV
1760-1820George III
1727-1760George II
1714-1727George I
House Of Stuart
1702-1714 Anne
1694-1702 William III
1689-1694 William III and Mary II
1685-1689 James II
1660-1685 Charles II
Commonwealth And Protectorate
1658-1659 Richard Cromwell
1653-1658 Oliver Cromwell
1649-1653 Council of State
House Of Stuart
1625-1649 Charles I
1603-1625 James I
House Of Tudor
1558-1603 Elizabeth I
1553-1558 Mary I
1547-1553 Edward VI
1509-1547 Henry VIII
1485-1509 Henry VII
House Of York
1483-1485 Richard III
1483 Edward V(never crowned)
1471-1483 &
Edward IV
House Of Lancaster
1422-1461 Henry VI
1413-1422 Henry V
1399-1413 Henry IV
House Of Plantaganet
1377-1399 Richard II
1327-1377 Edward III
1307-1327 Edward II
1272-1307 EdwardI (Longshanks)
1216-1272 Henry III
1199-1216 John
1189-1199 Richard I (Lionheart)
1154-1189 Henry II
House Of Normandy
1135-1154 Stephen
1100-1135 Henry I
1087-1100 William II (Rufus)
1066-1087 William I (Conqueror
Saxons and Danes
1066 Harold II
1042-66 Edward I (the Confessor)
1016-35 Canute (Cnut)
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