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Blue Peter

Blue Peter is a BBC children's TV program that has been broadcast (mostly live) since 1958. Recently the 4000th episode was produced. Over the years 31 people have presented the show. Listed below are all the past presenters of Blue Peter and also the numerous pets that feature on the show regularly.

Past Blue Peter Presenters

Blue Peter
Start Date Date Left
Christopher TraceOctober 1958July 1967
Leila WilliamsOctober 1958January 1962
Anita WestMay 1962September 1962
Valerie SingletonSeptember 1962July 1972
John NoakesDecember 1965June 1978
Peter PurvesNovember 1967March 1978
Lesley JuddMay 1972April 1979
Simon GroomMay 1978June 1986
Christopher WennerSeptember 1978June 1980
Tina HeathApril 1979June 1980
Sarah GreeneMay 1980June 1983
Peter DuncanSeptember 1980June 1984
PD 2nd StintSeptember 1985November 1986
Janet EllisApril 1983June 1987
Michael SundinSeptember 1984June 1985
Mark CurryJune 1986June 1989
Caron KeatingNovember 1986January 1990
Yvette FieldingJune 1987June 1992
John LeslieApril 1989January 1994
Diane-Louise JordanJanuary 1990February 1996
Anthea TurnerSeptember 1992June 1994
Tim VincentDecember 1993January 1997
Stuart MilesJune 1994June 1999
Katy HillJune 1995June 2000
Romana D'AnnunzioMarch 1996February 1998
Richard BaconFebruary 1997October 1998
Konnie HuqDecember 1997Current
Simon ThomasJanuary 1999April 2005
Matt BakerJune 1999June 2006
Liz BarkerJune 2000April 2006
Zoe SalmonDecember 2004Current
Gethin JonesApril 2005Current
Andy AkinwolereAugust 2006Current

Past Blue Peter Pets

Pet Name Animal / Breed Start Date Date Left
PetraDog - Mongrel, died after 1st episode19621962
Petra (II)Dog - Mongrel1962June 1977
Freda / FredTortoise - Southern EuropeanOctober 1963April 1979
JasonCat - SiameseMay 1964January 1976
PatchDog - Son of Petra (II)September 1965May 1971
ShepDog - Border CollieMay 1971June 1978
JackCat - Silver tabbyFebruary 1976April 1986
JillCat - Silver tabbyFebruary 1976May 1983
GoldieDog - Golden RetrieverMay 1978June 1986
MaggieTortoise - Southern EuropeanMay 1979January 1982
JimTortoise - Southern EuropeanMay 1979January 1982
GeorgeTortoise - Mediterranean spur-thighMay 1982April 2004
BonnieDog - Golden Retriever, Daughter of GoldieJune 1986February 1999
WillowCat - SiameseSeptember 19861991
KariCat1991September 2004
OkeCat1991September 2004
MabelDog - Border Collie cross? 1995Current
LucyDog - Golden RetrieverFebruary 1999Current
MegDog - Border Collie2001June 2006
SmudgeCatSeptember 2004August 2005
ShelleyTortoiseApril 2004Current
SocksCat - RagdollJanuary 2006Current

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