Poets who have held the post of Poet Laureate

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British Poets Laureate

Part of the Royal Household, the Poet Laureate writes poems to mark moments in national life, including Royal events such as weddings, deaths and anniversaries.

Dates Poet Laureate
1999-presentAndrew Motion
1984-1998Ted Hughes
1972-1984Sir John Betjeman
1967-1972Cecil Day-Lewis
1930-1967John Masefield
1913-1930Robert Bridges
1896-1913Alfred Austin
1850-1892Alfred Lord Tennyson
1843-1850William Wordsworth
1813-1843Robert Southey
1790-1813Henry James Pye
1785-1790Thomas Warton
1757-1785William Whitehead
1730-1757Colley Cibber
1718-1730Laurence Eusden
1715-1718Nicholas Rowe
1692-1715Nahum Tate
1689-1692Thomas Shadwell
1670-1689John Dryden
1638-1668William Davenant
1619-1637Ben Jonson
1599-1619Samuel Daniel
1591-1599Edmund Spenser

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