A list of terms relating to groups of animals

Animal Collective Nouns

Terms used to describe a group of animals, for example a herd of cows. These descriptive words are known as collective nouns or nouns of assemblage.

Animal Name Collective Noun
AntA colony
AntelopeA herd
ApeA shrewdness
Ass / donkeyA pace or herd
BaboonsA troop
BacteriaA culture
BadgerA cete
BassA shoal
Bats A colony
BearA sleuth or sloth
BeaverA colony
BeeA swarm, grist or hive
BirdA flock, flight, congregation or volery
BoarA sounder
BuckA brace or clash
BuffaloA herd or obstinacy
CamelA flock
CatA clowder or clutter
CaterpillarAn army
CattleA herd or drove
Chicken A brood or peep
ChicksA clutch or chattering
ClamA bed
CockroachesAn intrusion
CobraA quiver
ColtA rag
CowA kine
CoyoteA band
CraneA sedge or siege
CrocodileA float
CrowA murder
CubA litter
CurA cowardice
CurlewA herd
DeerA herd
DogA pack
DonkeyA herd or pace
Dove A dule
Dragon A weyr
Duck A brace, paddling or team
Elephant A herd
Elk A gang
Emus A mob
Falcons A cast
Ferret A business or fesnyng or cast
Finches A charm
Fish A school, shoal, run, haul, or catch
Fly A swarm or business
Fox A skulk or leash
Frog An army or colony
GeeseA flock, gaggle or skein (in flight)
Giraffe A tower
Gnat A cloud or horde
Gnu An implausibilty or herd
GoatA herd, tribe or trip
GoldfinchA charm
Goldfish A troubling
Gorilla A band
Greyhound A leash
Grouse A covey or pack
Hare A down or husk
Hawk A cast or kettle
Hen A brood
Heron A hedge or sedge
Hippopotamus A bloat
Hog A drift, or parcel
Horse A team, pair or harras
Hound A pack, mute or cry
Jellyfish A smack
Kangaroo A troop or mob
Kitten A kindle or litter
Lark An ascension or exaultation
Leopard A leap
Lion A pride
Locust A plague
Magpie A tiding, gulp, charm or murder
Mallard A sord
Mare A stud
Marten A richness
Mouse A mischief
Mole A labour
Monkey A troop
Mule A barren or span
OtterA romp
Owls A parliament
Oxen A yoke, drove, team or herd
Oyster A bed
Parrot A company
Partridge A covey
Peacock A muster or ostentation or pride
PeepA litter
PenguinA parcel or huddles or colonies
Pheasant A nest, nide (nye) or bouquet
Pig A litter
Pigeon A flock or flight
Pony A string
Porpoise A pod
Quail A covey or bevy
Rabbit A nest
Rat A pack or swarm
Rattlesnake A rhumba
Raven An unkindness or storytelling
Rhino A crash or herd
Roebuck A bevy
Rook A building or clamour
Sardines A family
Seal A herd or pod
SheepA drove or flock
Snake A nest
Sparrow A host
Squirrel A dray or scurry
Starling A murmuration
Stork A mustering
Swallow A flight
Swan A bevy, herd, lamentation or wedge
Swift A flock
Swine A sounder or drift
Tiger A swift or ambush
Toad A knot
Trout A hover
Turkey A rafter
Turtle A bale
Turtledove A pitying or dule
Viper A nest
Walrus A pod
Whale A school, gam or pod
Wolf A pack or route
Woodpecker A descent
Zebra A herd, zeal, dazzle, or crossing (joke)

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